Grants for Single Mothers to Pay Bills:-

Eligibility Criteria for Grants. If you are divorced or your child's father is deceased or seriously injured, disabled or handicapped, you may face the challenge of materially and financially supporting yourself and your children. To be eligible for government grants, college grans, scholarships, single mothers need to be residents of the state they reside in. In case you are a foreign national, you should have been residing in the US for three years prior to the application for seeking a grant. Apply Today!!
In the US, government grants for single mothers are a rescue for those mothers who are in a deep financial crisis. Mostly, they're sponsored by the United States Departments of Public Welfare and are meant for helping single mothers. Single mothers have to manage their education (mostly), their kids schooling, medical and household expenses. This often compels them to take loans and borrow money.

Owing to lots of financial burden, single mothers may end up in debts. It is a lesser known fact that single mothers can use government grants to get debt relief. Since the layman is aware of debt consolidation, debt settlement and other suitable programs, he hardly pays heed to government grants that can help them to get rid of huge debts. Government grants for single mothers to pay bills is possible. Single mothers can use the grant money for paying unpaid medical bills, for business start-ups and paying for higher education money.

In the recent years, credit card firms have made it easier for people to get a credit card. Hundreds of requests for credit cards fill your email in-boxes and tempt you to fill the application forms and get a new credit card. The reality is that with every new credit card, you may develop a bad habit to splurge and you will end up being in more debt. One of the worst things to get stuck with, is unpaid credit card debt. Hence, it's best to restrict your use of credit cards. It's surprising for people to discover that there are free government grants to pay off debt. However, the fact is that there are several government schemes that pay off your debts by imposing some nominal limitations and restrictions.

Single Mother Grants

Grants for single mothers to pay off debt are a possibility today and so there are several grants for single mothers to pay bills. In fact, single mothers can easily apply for such grants to pay off bills by visiting the government grants website. Once you visit the government website and have registered yourself, you will be given a Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number. This will help you to keep a track of your application form. You will also be given a funding opportunity number that you can use to check the status of your forms. Government grants for single mothers to pay bills of education, credit cards, medical bills and other types of aids are also possible.

Investing in education is one of the simplest ways by which mothers can get out of financial problems. College grants for single moms are among the most beneficial programs offered for single mothers to complete their education and make it possible to earn a full-time salaried jobs.

In the US, there are also some church run programs, debt relief programs that are in the form of grants for single mothers to pay bills. Some factors that are taken into consideration while providing these grants are that you must be a citizen of US and must belong to a lower income family bracket.

Medical health care, that may range from normal medical treatment to surgeries can often be very expensive and difficult for a single mothers to manage. Grants for medical bills are provided by various programs like RX outreach. Single mothers can contact officials of such programs and know the procedure of applying for such grants.

In case, you are wondering how to apply for free government grants, then you've got to visit the website grantsgov. This dedicated website provides you with all information regarding free governments. Grants for single mothers to pay bills are possible by properly filling the forms available on the government website. Personal grants to pay off debt are analyzed properly by the agency paying you the money. If they see that there is no other way for you to get rid of debts, they help you with the grants. Grants for single mothers to pay bills are possible through million of dollars that go unclaimed every year, owing to lack of awareness among the general population.
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Obama College Grants For Single Moms

Obama College Grants For Single Moms
Research shows that having a college degree can enable a person to earn five times more than a non-degreed individual. But with the average cost of college education is on the rise, few students are able to foot the bill for a college education. Let alone single parents who are struggling to ‘make ends meet’.
Under Obama’s initiative, colleges would consider a person’s current financial situation to make it possible for them to receive Federal student aid such as the Pell Grants, which are available for low-income students and single mothers.
College grants are awarded to eligible students on the basis of financial hardship which do not require any repayment, lifting a huge financial burden from single mothers who wish to go back to school. This program enables single moms to obtain a grant of up to $5000 from the Federal government which can be used to pay for their college expenses i.e. tuition, books, and supplies.
In addition, the stimulus package increase in 2010 raised the Federal Pell Grant to $5,550 per year. Eligible single mothers may apply for this grant and if they qualify, this free money does not need to be repaid in any way.
To apply for the scholarship or Pell Grant, you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA. This form can be completed online or a paper form can be requested via mail or picked up at a local higher education institution. You should have prior tax year information and identifying documents on hand to use when completing the document.
Though the dateline for FAFSA submission is June 30, it is highly recommended that you submit your application as early as possible; as most federal student aid is given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Do your diligent research, pay attention to the details and make sure that you’re familiarize with the Pell grant eligibility requirements.
Even if you are ineligible for the Pell grant, you may apply for federal student loans to help pay for your college education. Unlike most private loans, these federally-funded loans come with lower interest rates & better repayment plans. The 2 most popular types of federal loans are Stafford and Perkins Loans, both of which are available to single parents who need financial help paying for college – regardless of income level or credit history.

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